ProOffice 8.2 now available

ProOffice 8.2 now available

ProOffice 8.2 has been released - offering many new functions and accelerated workflows. Here is an overview of the most important innovations:


  • The names of reports can be flexibly adapted using parameters. This allows the file name of a report to be output individually for each data set.
  • An interface to Esendex has been set up for sending SMS.
  • Deleting, anonymizing and logging of data records can now be automated.


  • When editing checklists you now have the possibility to select the columns "OK" and "not OK" of all items with one click. This means that all items no longer have to be selected individually, but can be edited more efficiently.

Flexible properties

  • Conditions for the visibility of individual properties and categories can now be defined. This means that a category or a property is only displayed if another flexible property has been selected beforehand.

Outdoor Lighting

  • The detailed view of the lighting system was modified to a practical overview of the complete system: Objects belonging to the lighting system (distributors, strings, phases, light points, luminaires, lamps...) as well as maintenance data of these subordinate objects (defects, measures, deadlines) are displayed.

Tree cadastre

  • For inspections, maintenance measures and examinations, it is possible to assign teams from the contact administration in the "Responsible" field.

Energy Management

  • There is a new setting in the administration for automatic import of degree day numbers.
  • A new XML interface allows the cyclic import of sensor values from MUC boxes.


  • It is now possible to locate gravesites and grave sites as well as the objects cemetery, grave field and grave row. GIS objects can be created or linked for this purpose.
  • On the product start page the workflows "Gravesites | End of use", "Grave states | Resubmission", "Maintenance plan | Measures" and "Maintenance strategies" have been implemented.


  • It is now also possible to synchronize data between GDB and property management if properties already exist in the property management and are only imported into the GDB at a later date.


  • With the new workflow "maintenance measures", maintenance measures of partial areas can be processed quickly and clearly.


  • On the product start page the new workflow "reloading" was added. The aim is the internal and external billing of times that an employee has recorded. The workflow lists all items not yet allocated for allocation.
  • Checklists can now also be processed in the WebApp when performing tasks.

Maintenance Android

Our first app is suitable for Android versions from 5.X on and offers the following features:      

  • Capturing and editing of devices and device actions is possible.
  • There is a view of assigned defects incl. new entry to the device.
  • The view and new entry of messages is possible.
  • The integrated barcode scanner can be used to search for devices, actions, defects and notifications.
  • Photos can be assigned (camera use is possible).
  • The GIS location can be viewed and edited online.
  • Filtering by location to restrict the objects.

Rent management

  • The proportional allocation of points of delivery to the rental agreement is now possible.
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